LG CNS rolls out Korea’s first enterprise-class DRaaS

Korea’s LG CNS has implemented FalconStor Software Inc.’s FreeStor to help complete the conversion of its disaster recovery offerings to a cloud-based model.  This will immediately help its customers overcome the high-cost structure and management required of their disaster recovery storage infrastructures.

For more than 20 years, LG CNS has delivered  IT solutions and managed services to  customers across the public, financial, manufacturing and telecommunications industries, and has become one of the largest IT service providers in Korea.

LG CNS currently operates the Incheon Data Center, the Sangam IT Data Center and the Gasan Data Center in Korea, as well as data centers at three global hub locations (U.S., Europe, and China), managing more than 30 PBs of data.

A primary initiative for the company was to convert from traditional storage infrastructures to a software- and services-based infrastructure to more efficiently and effectively deliver cloud-based storage services to its customers.  LG CNS chose FreeStor to help make that transition, to lower costs and deliver new service revenue streams, such as Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

Disaster recovery has always been one of the pain points for many enterprises in Korea. As businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructure, the demand for business continuity has become more stringent. All industries, especially financial and public sectors, are keen to implement a disaster recovery practice to protect their IT infrastructures from threats, including natural disasters, system failures, malicious attacks and human error.

Many enterprises are realizing that it’s very expensive to acquire third-party tools and that they are too complicated to operate efficiently. To offset these challenges, LG CNS will now offer a new DRaaS cloud platform based on FreeStor.

The service will mirror customers’ critical data to LG’s cloud data centers. This is the first DRaaS cloud offering in Korea that will meet enterprise-class reliability and service level requirements, enabling customers to benefit by decreasing hardware and software purchases, maintenance costs and complexity, all while improving business continuity, flexibility and scalability.

“There are many data management solutions to choose from today, but I think FreeStor is one of the best because it supports heterogeneous storage environments,” said, Gaehoon Chang, Senior Manager of LG CNS.  “FreeStor features give our clients an enterprise-class, but very affordable, disaster recovery solution that reduces the CAPEX to zero and the OPEX by at least 70 percent when compared to an on-premise approach. It is really helpful to our growing business to have options like FreeStor’s all-inclusive subscription model, which will provide significant added value to LG CNS’ cloud business.”