M86 Security strengthens Web and email security in Singapore

Millions of enterprises of all sizes are losing over US$100 billion a year to cybercrime and malware attacks and we are now facing a network-security epidemic on a truly global scale.

Just recently, the death of Osama Bin Laden has set Facebook and Twitter records, not only in terms of site traffic and social media participation, but also in the spread of malware and links to scareware portals.

As the vast majority of attacks come from the Web – 84% coming from some of the most popular and legitimate websites – the security industry is struggling to keep pace with the growing sophistication of cyber threats.


Traditional reactive security controls like AV scanning and reputation and URL filtering are all dependent upon previously reported “bad links” before they attempt to protect users. These reactive security controls put users at risk by allowing the attacks to happen before vendors can solve them; whereas proactive security controls detect new malicious attacks before they even ensue.

M86 Security’s patented Real-time Code Analysis technology scans malicious codes embedded in websites within milliseconds. Followed by M86 Security’s Dynamic Web Repair, these malicious codes are then removed to deliver safe content to users, instead of completely blocking websites.

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, Singapore Power, and Aviva Asia, are among the 25,000 companies that have entrusted the protection of their networks to M86 Security.

M86 Security has evolved since 1995 as a result of a merger and acquisitions of four leading network-security companies – Marshal, 8e6 Technologies, Avinti and Finjan. Today, the company offers industry-acclaimed Web and email security solutions using its Real-time Code Analysis and behavioral blended-threat detection technologies. M86 Security’s hardware, virtual appliances, software and cloud services solutions protect networks against new and advanced threats, securing confidential information, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

“With cybercrime costing companies worldwide more than US$100 billion per year, we are facing an epidemic on a truly global scale. As more sophisticated cyber threats constantly emerge, we have set our sights on the South East Asia region as our next strategic market,” said John Vigouroux, CEO of M86 Security.

“Our move to establish M86 Security’s presence in Singapore, a regional hub to more than 7,000 multinational companies, has proven to be a decisive step to further our business expansion plans in the region. Jason Pearce, our Regional Director of South East Asia, is spearheading the company’s growth initiatives and I am very pleased to welcome Singapore Power, Aviva Asia Ltd and CPF Board to our M86 Security customer community, which now includes more than 25,000 companies and 26 million users worldwide.”

M86 Security won the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy of the Year Award for Content Filtering – benchmarking the company’s performance against key competitors in critical areas including breadth of product line, size of addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share, and breadth of applications/markets served.

Frost & Sullivan’s research analyst, Martha Vazquez, notes that “M86 Security understands the increasing challenges created by the dramatic rise in phishing websites that cause the spread of malware. With the double punch of Web and email threats causing malicious system attacks, more and more businesses are aggressively seeking best-practice solutions, such as what M86 Security offers, by which to protect their networks.”