Malaysia’s credit reporting agency strengthens database management system with TmaxSoft

CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) has selected TmaxSoft Singapore to successfully implement their next generation database management system.

TmaxSoft is supporting CTOS Malaysia with the Tibero relational database management system (RDBMS) for their Core Business Application “CTOS Credit Manager”. Tibero competes with Silicon Valley technology giants and holds a significant and rapidly growing share in the company’s native South Korean market.

CTOS collects credit information for individuals and businesses in Malaysia from a wide range of public domain and proprietary sources. The ability for CTOS to rapidly process and analyse large volumes of transactional data, events and actions in a secured manner is crucial.

Tibero RDBMS from TmaxSoft, meets these needs perfectly as it effectively reduced CTOS total cost of ownership by 60 percent compared to alternative solutions. Tibero enabled economical use of CTOS existing system resources whilst providing improved performances as it is compatible with all current database products such Oracle, Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2.

“To be successful and maintain our leading position in the credit reporting industry, we needed a strategic database partner that can help us easily scale on demand without sacrificing reliability and cost,” says Eric Chin, CEO of CTOS. “We have selected TmaxSoft, with their innovative technology Tibero, as our trusted partner as it offers us greatest flexibility and cost efficiency. The migration to Tibero for our existing core database systems had been seamless with the support from TmaxSoft. As a result, it was completed in a timely and efficient manner.”

Migrating to a SaaS model is imperative for enterprises across all sizes today at the same time being cost effective without compromising on productivity, performance and reliability. TmaxSoft customers testify to the efficiency it brings to their business through innovative technologies, for half the cost of their current database provider.

In addition to CTOS, TmaxSoft’s recent client acquisitions in ASEAN includes a major telco in Thailand, a government entity in Malaysia, and Singapore institutions that have realised the value that TmaxSoft solutions offer.

TmaxSoft is working with Mason Technologies for the CTOS database migration project. Mason Technologies is a Professional service provider for CRM, Incentive Compensation and Database Management. TmaxSoft worked with Mason Technologies to implement and support CTOS with their database migration project.