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Sunday, May 26th, 2019


Mobile workers believe video collaboration improves teamwork

Mobile workers believe video collaboration improves teamwork

Two thirds (62%) of the global population are quite literally working from anywhere, according to a new Polycom, Inc. survey that explores the future of work and the impact technology is having on both employee behavior and workplace culture.

The study highlights that being able to work from anywhere is believed to boost performance with 98% of all respondents believing that anywhere working has a positive impact on productivity. Findings also showed that 91% of respondents believe video collaboration helps improve workplace relationships and teamwork

These results suggest that flexible workplace success is about providing the right environment that allows individuals and teams to work together productively to deliver great results.

“With the build of high speed broadband networks across Asia Pacific, collaboration technology can now give people the freedom to work the way they want, regardless of where they are,” explains Mei Lin Low, Director, APAC Solutions Marketing, Polycom.

“Flexible working is becoming business-normal; employees expect it and employers need to establish flexible working policies to attract and retain their best talent. Regardless of whether you are working in Australia or China, a millennial or baby boomer, the findings show that people have the same expectations when it comes to work – they want location liberation and the ability to work and collaborate in a very human way that gets the job done.”

Staying socially connected with video technology

Surprisingly, it was technology-savvy millennials who were most concerned about the correlation between being physically present at work and being recognized as getting the job done.

Approximately 62% of millennials (18-30 year olds) were concerned that they would not be perceived as hard-working if they were not in the office. 

Findings also showed that having face time with colleagues over video helped maintain important social interaction that can sometimes be lacking for remote-based workers.  An overwhelming 91% of respondents said video collaboration helped them get to know their co-workers better.

Flexible working habits in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific (APAC), more than 10,000 respondents participated from five countries: Singapore, Australia, China, India, and Japan. Findings showed that almost 60% of workers in Singapore, Australia, and India are working flexibly on a frequent basis.

In China, 85% of people surveyed said their company offered flexible working arrangements with 87% stating they work with a colleague located in a different office. Japan was the only country that deviates from the global anywhere working trend.