Most consumers in Asia Pacific want a tablet for both work and play

Which IT gadgets do Asia Pacific consumers wish to purchase or receive as a gift in 2014? A recent online survey conducted by Microsoft in 10 Asia Pacific countries with over 1,300 respondents revealed that 35% of the respondents desire a tablet for both work and play while 25% are also keen on notebooks and Ultrabook devices for the New Year.

The survey, conducted in November 2013 to find out more about technology consumption habits and digital lifestyles of consumers in Asia Pacific, showed that respondents are looking for a full-fledged mobile computing device with a rich user experience today as the lines between their professional work and personal lives blur.

The survey also revealed that it is increasingly common for consumers in Asia Pacific to own multiple devices, with more than 53% of respondents owning at least a desktop PC, notebook and a smartphone. However, the survey showed that 67% of consumers are wishing for a more unified user experience across their multiple devices.

Tablet ownership in Asia Pacific is expected to grow significantly in 2014. Analyst firm Canalys1 has predicted that tablets will form close to 50% of the total PC market (desktop, notebooks and tablets) globally, with close to 285 million units expected to be shipped in Asia Pacific.

“People have come to expect more from their devices today. It is no longer sufficient for a mobile, touch device to just be able to support apps and social networking functions,” said Jason Lim, General Manager, Windows Business Group, Microsoft Asia Pacific. “Windows devices were designed so that consumers no longer need to choose between the fun and convenience of a tablet, or the power and productivity of a PC.”

The survey also found that respondents are heavily connected and dependent on various communication and social media apps through their devices. 56% of respondents polled said that they wake up to a social media, email or messaging app first thing in the morning. The top three genre of apps used in their daily commute were social media, messaging and music apps. In fact, 58% of respondents polled said that they logged onto their social media accounts once every three hours!

In terms of paid apps, however, Asia Pacific respondents said that they are more likely to pay for games (32%), books & magazines (24%) and utilities (24%) apps for their devices rather than social media apps (10%) or messaging apps (13%).

“Consumers today are relying on apps more than ever to help them stay connected to the people and information that matter to them most. The survey reveals that they are also more likely to pay for quality content. Games, books, magazines and utility apps are for entertainment and convenience, and are seen as enriching content in their lives. Windows and Windows Phone are designed to put people and their connections first. They come pre-installed with apps such as the People Hub, Mail, and Skype to help users keep their fingers on the pulse of their social and work lives with just a single tap. In addition, the Windows and Windows Phone Stores provide a gateway to hundreds of thousands of high quality apps,” added Lim.