MSIG Asia boosts efficiency with SAP’s insurance platform

Non-life insurer MSIG has chosen SAP Core Insurance Platform for its Singapore and Indonesia companies. Along with driving operational efficiencies, faster time-to-market and improved customer service, the SAP Core Insurance Platform will empower these MSIG operations with a single system that will better enable growth and support the innovations and flexibility required to meet the fast-changing business demands of today and tomorrow.

“To keep pace with the industry’s changing customer needs and the dynamic regulatory environment, we wanted a flexible and scalable solution to meet both our current and future needs,” said Alan Wilson, regional CEO, MSIG Asia. “SAP has a clear understanding of our industry and of the key drivers for our business success, so choosing SAP solutions for insurance was a significant strategic decision for our group and a key investment in our infrastructure to enable us to realize our exciting ambitions in Asia.”

Currently, there are software solutions from two main providers within MSIG in Asia, each of which has in place its own variation on the main processes and supporting systems and have undergone custom development over time. This has made it difficult to gain a single consolidated view of the business.

The existing legacy systems have also limited opportunities for expansion into new lines of business and product development. Finally, the material effort required to enhance the existing business processes and systems was not conducive to MSIG’s client-focused approach.

To address these challenges and help realize MSIG’s ambitions in Asia, the firm sought a solution that could revamp its IT infrastructure, streamline its operations and enhance customer-centricity. MSIG Asia chose SAP.

The enterprise-wide deployment of SAP software will integrate most of MSIG’s core business functions in the insurance business value chain. Product design, policy administration, claims and customer service incentives, commission management and billing and payment, together with reinsurance and data insights, will come together onto a single platform.

This customer-centric integration will help maximize operational efficiencies across different lines of business and locations, to lower expenses and strengthen the business infrastructure.

Automating and standardizing core processes will enable MSIG to bring new products to market more swiftly while improving customer service and satisfaction.

To ensure a fast and cost-efficient deployment of SAP Core Insurance Platform, SAP will employ an engagement delivery model which offers MSIG the flexibility to transform and optimize processes to seize new business opportunities, placing them at the heart of innovation.

This integrated delivery model enables MSIG to achieve faster, simpler implementation of the integrated core insurance platform with significantly shorter time-to-value. MSIG can harness the power of three SAP delivery organizations – SAP Active Global Support, SAP Consulting and SAP Custom Development under one engagement model.