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Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Data Center and Infrastructure

Nanyang Technological University bridges innovation gap with cloud computing

Nangyang Technological University needed to support academic activities with scalable computing resources. It was also faced with the challenge of moving workloads from a private university cloud to AWS during peak times while keeping data secure. The school also had to monitor resources in both on-premise and public cloud environments.

To address these challenges, the school employed a hybrid cloud model with Red Hat’s Cloud Infrastructure, consisting of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat CloudForms, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

NTU, based in Singapore, also deployed hybrid cloud infrastructure to allow one contiguous network from NTU to Amazon using AWS Direct Connect. The school also attained secure data storage (NetApp Data Storage Systems) using a storage box mapped to NTU’s private storage.

By deploying the Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, NTU increased scalability of resources without compromising security. It also achieved greater efficiency through automatic resource provisioning. The new infrastructure also allowed better use of existing resources and saved costs.

By achieving greater collaboration between agencies through better resource management, the school implemented a cloud model that can be used as a reference for similar universities.

“We evaluated Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure to be one of the most versatile and complete cloud solutions available,” said Professor Yeng Chai Soh, found director of the High Performance Computing Centre at the Nanyang Technological University.