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Sunday, April 30th, 2017


NetApp SolidFire announces new storage purchasing model

NetApp SolidFire announces new storage purchasing model

NetApp SolidFire has announced FlashForward Capacity Licensing, an entirely new storage model that offers unparalleled flexibility, investment protection and peace of mind for how customers purchase and grow their storage infrastructure.

The company also announced the latest addition to its NetApp SolidFire SF-Series product line and version 9 of its NetApp SolidFire Element Operating System (OS) - Fluorine.

FlashForward Capacity Licensing

FlashForward Capacity Licensing complements SolidFire’s scale-out block storage architecture with a flexible enterprise-wide software licensing and support model that is precisely aligned with how service providers and advanced enterprises are looking to purchase and consume storage infrastructure.

FlashForward Capacity Licensing extends new software licensing rights to SolidFire customers, including the right to perpetually transfer software across multiple generations of hardware at no additional cost, and the ability to pool software licensing across an enterprise’s entire storage footprint.

With FlashForward Capacity Licensing, customers can now combine the simplicity of purchasing SolidFire SF-Series Appliances at commodity hardware costs with the flexibility of licensing NetApp SolidFire Element OS on an enterprise-wide basis. FlashForward software and support licenses are purchased in capacity increments (starting at 100TBs) that cover a pooled amount of capacity across an unlimited number of SolidFire systems. This model allows customers to license SolidFire’s software in greater alignment with the dynamic and growing nature of their business.

With the FlashForward model customers don't need to rebuy software when upgrading or replacing hardware. There is also a greater alignment of software license purchases with actual usage.

The model’s provisioned capacity-based pricing significantly reduces cost uncertainty from unpredictable data reduction rates, and the reliance on high data reduction to make All Flash Storage cost effective.

Software licenses are enterprise-wide, eliminating stranded capacity and allowing for seamless repurposing of hardware to new sites as business needs dictate. Meanwhile, built-in capacity-tier discounts ensure pricing goes down as deployed capacity goes up.

NetApp SolidFire SF-Series

The new NetApp SolidFire SF-Series 19210 decreases the cost of all-flash arrays by offering the highest density - twice the performance and capacity in the SF-Series - and lowest cost per GB/IOPS. With 40-80TB effective capacity, 100,000 predictable IOPS and sub-millisecond latency, the SF-Series 19210 is well-suited for heavily virtualized environments, databases, and public and private cloud infrastructures where guaranteed performance, scale-out capacity, and higher infrastructure density are required.

The SF-Series 19210 delivers the full SolidFire feature set, including guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), a true scale-out architecture, in-line data reduction, complete system automation and integration with VMware and OpenStack.

NetApp SolidFire’s Platform Compatibility Guarantee ensures hardware compatibility so customers can seamlessly add new SF-Series nodes to expand their system with the latest flash technology, rather than being locked into a single generation of flash. This eliminates the hardware replacement, storage migration and forklift upgrades that are common with many traditional enterprise storage systems, ultimately protecting customers’ investment in their infrastructure.