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Sunday, May 26th, 2019


NetSuite launches dedicated business research and benchmarking service

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To help organizations of all sizes optimize for growth, Oracle NetSuite has launched one of the world’s first dedicated business research and benchmarking services. Built on real-world data, success metrics and subject matter expertise gleaned from more than 20 years in the cloud, NetSuite Brainyard provides business research, benchmark data and performance analysis and advice to help organizations accelerate growth. Brainyard is available to all NetSuite customers today. 

“We’re giving away the source code for business growth by providing our customers with unparalleled insights into every single critical business process,” said Jason Maynard, SVP of Global Field Operations, Oracle NetSuite. “Companies tell us they want to benchmark their businesses, and we’re going to help them do that with Brainyard. Research firms charge for this kind of service, but we consider it part of our commitment to customer success. We’re not just delivering bits with NetSuite: It’s not just about software; it’s about helping customers grow.”

With the launch of Brainyard, NetSuite is taking the insights from its SuiteSuccess configurations, its value management team, its product management team and its solution consultants and making them quickly and easily accessible to all NetSuite customers.   Brainyard combines data, knowledge and expertise on growth and performance.

  • Business Research: Includes state-of-the-industry reports and other qualitative and quantitative survey-based research conducted across seven industries by 20 industry principles and nearly 500 subject matter experts globally from across the NetSuite team.
  • Benchmark Data: Includes insights from 16,000 NetSuite customers and third-party business performance data from industry data provider FinListics, including detailed, industry-specific KPIs.
  • Performance Analysis and Advice: Practical advice/guidance on organizational improvement through how-to resources, best-practice briefings and KPI analysis. Customers can also receive a business review with their NetSuite account manager.  

Over the past 20 years, NetSuite has worked with some of the fastest growing companies in the world that rely on NetSuite to help them successfully grow, scale and adapt to change.