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Monday, May 27th, 2019

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New PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Manager offfers improved capacity and functionality

Panduit, a leading global provider of network infrastructure solutions, introduces the newly designed PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Manager. This cable management system offers increased cable capacity to fit up to 17 percent more cables than Panduit’s existing vertical cable managers, making it ideal for any application where future expansion may be needed.

The PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Manager organizes high-density front and rear network cabling using single-sided and double-sided units. Dual-hinged doors are now included, simplifying the ordering process. A push-to-close latching door mechanism allows for easy operation and the built-in integrated door brackets require no installation. The system is now offered in white, as well as the traditional black color.

“The new PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Manager takes the best of the previous system and updates it with new features and functionality, resulting in a cable management system that is easier to install, easier to work with, and even easier to order,” said Mike McGrath, director of product management and engineering for Panduit’s Enterprise business. “And, with improved aesthetics, the PR2 is a win-win all the way around.”

Used primarily in high-density telecom rooms and data centers, the new PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Manager offers a clean, sleek look and a complete cable management solution that maximizes density while minimizing the area required for your network.

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