Nimble Storage introduces the first multi-cloud storage service

Nimble Storage has announced Nimble Cloud Volumes, an enterprise- grade multicloud storage service for running applications in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nimble Cloud Volumes will provide enterprise-grade availability and data services that have previously not been readily available in block storage for the cloud.

Nimble Cloud Volumes is designed to combine the simplicity of a cloud service with the features and functionality enterprise applications need. IT can leverage public cloud for compute and Nimble Cloud Volumes for storage capacity.

Nimble Cloud Volumes is managed with the same simplicity as native cloud storage, but provides the reliability and data durability enterprises expect. Data protection is flexible and cost effective, as customers only pay for changed data, not for additional full copies. IT will also be able to easily create instant zero-copy clones in the public cloud enabling rapid deployment of test and development, analytics and bursting. 

Like the entire Nimble Predictive Cloud platform, Nimble Cloud Volumes is designed to deliver six nines (99.9999%) measured storage availability and offer data durability one million times greater than native cloud block storage.

Data Mobility Eliminates Vendor Lock-in

Customers’ requirements are dynamic and they need the flexibility to evolve their multicloud data center without fear of lock-in. The built-in data mobility of Nimble Cloud Volumes will give customers the freedom to move data between multiple public clouds and on-premise data centers without large data egress charges.

Visibility Across Clouds & Data Center and Predictive Analytics

Nimble Cloud Volumes include powerful predictive analytics capabilities, providing customers with visibility into their data across multiple clouds. Customers can rapidly pinpoint and resolve performance issues, and can leverage insights that can help to optimize storage costs and data placement.

“With Nimble Cloud Volumes, enterprises can finally migrate critical applications to the cloud with complete confidence that they will have the same data durability and enterprise-capabilites they have on-premise,” said Ajay Singh, vice president of product management, Nimble Storage. “Enterprises maximize flexibility by using a multicloud storage service that allows mobility between public clouds and their data center. By using Nimble Cloud Volumes in conjunction with Nimble All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays they take a major step in ensuring their data centers are cloud ready.”

“Cloud is a strategic priority in every organization today and IT teams are migrating their enterprise applications. Nimble Cloud Volumes provide enterprise storage features and ease of migration to minimize disruption,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director, product marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Enterprises are able to move faster, achieve more and save money with the combination of Microsoft Azure and Nimble Cloud Volumes.”

Nimble Cloud Volumes is currently in beta. There are 50 companies from a range of industries in the beta process – more than 40% of them are Global 5000 enterprises. Customer preview will commence within the current fiscal quarter in the United States. Nimble Storage plans to make this service available to additional regions over the next six to 12 months. Nimble Cloud Volumes will start at $0.10/GB/month.