On–budget project deployment is No. 1 business requirement for midsize firms

Organizations across Asia Pacific with more mature and reliable infrastructures considered delivery of high uptime as top performance criteria and on–budget project deployment as the number one business requirement, according to Frost and Sullivan 2010 White Paper entitled “Business Application Optimization in Asia Pacific Survey.”

The survey data also reveals that although an overall low cost of ownership was ranked highly as a requirement, surprisingly a fast return on investment was not a key measurement of performance, possibly reflecting the growing sense of optimism across the region and a return to more reasonable business expectations.
Comparatively, midsize organizations in the Philippines demanded for simple process and standard configurations on business applications as crucial requirements. The survey was designed to ascertain the current state of play for users of business applications across Asia Pacific and help respondents prioritize their business issues as well as assess their ability to execute them based on four key areas namely, ease of deployment, ease of management, scalability and value for money.
Based on the general comments of respondents, according to Frost and Sullivan, there was a general expressions of “angst and frustration on the state of current application capabilities, especially in terms of ability to customize, scale and get the applications to do what they were meant to do.” Failure of applications to match existing business needs, let alone cope with future business needs was also a cause of great concern among respondents.
The survey was participated by 1,528 midsize companies from ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, India, China and South Korea. Twenty-one percent of overall respondents originated ASEAN countries. They were comprised Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Information Technology (IT) Decision Makers, Technology Managers and Business Decision Makers from various vertical industries including Industrial Manufacturing, High Technology, Education/Research, Professional Services, Financial Services, the Oil and Gas Industry as well as Retail and Healthcare sectors.
The top ten Philippine responses for business requirements related to the ownership and deployment of business. They can be broadly split into four main categories of concern namely deployment, support, flexibility and security.
Specifically, the top ten issues related to business requirements in the Philippines include:
1. Simple application installation process
2. Standard application configurations
3. Ease of data maintenance
4. Ability to integrate multiple departments and business partners
5. Comprehensive security considerations
6. Simple security configurations
7. Project deployment on time
8. Project deployment on budget
9. Speed of problem resolution by vendor
10. System performance management tools
Six of the top ten business requirements ranked by Philippine respondents were also ranked among the top ten by all ASEAN and APAC respondents, but in a slightly different order. Two of the top ten business requirements ranked by Philippine respondents were included in the least important business requirement for the overall ranking in APAC and ASEAN respondents. These are simple application installation process (top 1) and simple security configurations (top 6), which are top 24 and 23 for ASEAN and 22 and 16, respectively for APAC.