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Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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Panduit Vari-MaTriX Cable offers the market’s smallest Category 6A cable diameter

Panduit Corp., a leading global provider of network infrastructure solutions, is introducing the new Vari-MaTriX line of Category 6A copper cables with a 0.25-inch diameter (plenum) – the smallest Cat 6A cables on the market. These new cables offer improved fill capacity that allows for the efficient use of pathways and spaces. In addition, the lighter weight and increased flexibility ease installation.

Panduit pioneered MaTriX technology with a discontinuous foil tape in Category 6A cables that provide best-in-class alien crosstalk mitigation and reduced cable diameters. The new Vari-MaTriX cables improve on existing MaTriX technology. 

“MaTriX cables provide for excellent alien crosstalk mitigation and heat dissipation for next-generation PoE applications,” explained Panduit Product Line Manager Frank Straka. “In addition, the new Vari-MaTriX cables are also the smallest in the world and provide the best EMI performance in a UTP cable.”

The TX6A UTP Copper Cables with Vari-MaTriX technology test above the industry standard for both electrical and alien crosstalk performance. The 23 AWG cables are designed for full 100-meter channels. 

They provide error-free performance in high-density cabinets and large cable bundles running Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+ or PoE++ applications. Vari-MaTriX cables are an ideal solution for upgrading to 10G performance, with minimal impact to existing pathways, cable management, and other infrastructure. Vari-MaTriX cables are available in plenum, riser, and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) flame ratings to meet global standards. 

Although slightly larger than the plenum diameter, the riser and LSZH cables also boast the smallest cable diameters in the market. Learn more about the new Vari-MaTriX copper cables here.