Pivotal announces serverless computing product

Pivotal Software, Inc., the company accelerating digital transformation for enterprises, is announcing the next era of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), its cloud-native platforms, that will include a new serverless computing product called Pivotal Functions Service.

The latest PCF also includes the initial availability of the company’s Google Cloud/VMware Kubernetes container product, Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Also new in the platform is an expanded Pivotal Services Marketplace, a marketplace featuring add-on services from GitHub, Splunk, New Relic, Apigee, IBM, and many more.

Pivotal Function Service, is expected to become available in the next 6 months. Developers can use PFS to trigger activity based on data sent by users or messaging systems like RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka. Engineers will build functions—small snippets of code. These functions are then executed in PCF in response to events occurring. With PFS, software can react more intelligently to user requests and business data.

Pivotal Container Service, helps companies run the popular Kubernetes  container orchestration tool in their data center and the public cloud. It is one of the only products with constant compatibility to Google Container Engine (GKE).

The service runs the current stable release of Kubernetes. Developers have full access to the Kubernetes API, with no proprietary extensions. With the service, developers can quickly create new Kubernetes clusters.

The product integrates VMware NSX-T, helping administrators secure and manage network policies for the service. Another feature allows developers to connect Google’s data and machine learning services to their containers.

Pivotal’s new application runtime, Pivotal Application Service, is upgraded as part of the expansion of PCF.