Predictions: Hot technology topics for Asia in 2010

Industry leaders are looking ahead to see what technologies loom big in the new year. While we won’t hold them to their predictions, especially in heterogeneous Asia, they have their reasoned arguments.

Let us know if you agree or disagree, as Matt Kolon, APAC CTO at Juniper Networks, offers his take on the hot technology topics for 2010 in Asia:

It was predicted in 2009, that IPv6 would be a ‘big hit’ but that didn’t really materialise. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN) predicted that 2010 will be the year we finally run out of IPv6 domain addresses, so IPv6 is bound to have a run in the media, and indeed we have many customers asking us to help them with their IPv6 planning, and demanding IPv6 features and capabilities on our platforms.

Yet at the same time we continue to build the world’s most capable NAT boxes and there’s a lot of life left in that strategy as well. We’ve been predicting the world running out of IPv4 addresses for almost 10 years, and it’s not going to just happen all of a sudden.

Cloud computing
Cloud computing has been the biggest media topic in 2009. Cloud computing and cloud networking are clear winners for any data-intensive enterprise, so we can expect to see the topic continue to develop as strategies become clearer. Every vendor has a cloud computing strategy and model moving forward so this topic will dominate again in 2010.

Kolon says: “Whereas cloud computing to date has been centered on applications and platforms, 2010 is likely to see a serious focus on the infrastructure required to deliver them. Already we’ve seen HP announce their intention to buy 3Com and the likes of Cisco, IBM and ourselves have all made moves to reengineer the network. It gives the best indication yet that cloud computing is being taken seriously and that 2010 is going to see a big demand for intelligent networking.”

“In particular, application-aware networking is an area that we expect to receive attention. In the cloud world, as operations are centralized into the data center and applications and data are accessed remotely, the network assumes a critical importance. Application-aware networking allows even greater flexibility, scale, security, QoS and capacity – key drivers for cloud computing growth.”