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Sunday, June 25th, 2017


Pure Storage unveils AI platform for its self-driving storage vision

Pure Storage has announced Pure1 META, it's artificial intelligence (AI) platform for delivering on the vision of self-driving storage.

The company says Pure1 META  delivers global predictive intelligence by collecting and analyzing over 1 trillion array telemetry data points per day and enables effortless management, analytics and support.

Through the new Workload DNA generated by Pure1 META, customers will be able, for the first time in the industry, to predict both capacity and performance and get intelligent advice on workload deployment, interaction and optimization.

With Pure1 META, Pure Storage continues to advance in its vision of delivering self-driving storage. Pure set up the foundation for self-driving storage with array-level automation delivered by Purity, which eliminates manual management and tuning operations.

Building a global sensor network with thousands of connected arrays allowed Pure to deliver cloud-based management and predictive support that has prevented more than 500 Severity 1 issues to date. Now, with Pure1 META, customers can get answers to performance forecasting questions, instead of workarounds that resulted in wasted expenses from over-provisioning or downtime from under-provisioning.

"Pure1 META helps customers more accurately forecast performance through growth, answer questions about capacity and performance additions, and how their environment will change over time, which allows organizations to manage future needs,” said Matt Kixmoeller, VP of Products, Pure Storage.

The key driver behind the global predictive intelligence of Pure1 META, is the META AI Engine, which analyzes a data lake of more than 7 petabytes of data to generate both Issue Fingerprints and Workload DNA. META scans all incoming array telemetry against a library of issue fingerprints to predict and resolve incidents in real-time, before they impact customer environments, and captures hundreds of variables related to performance that are used to forecast performance load.

Customers can leverage META's Workload DNA through the new Workload Planner in Pure1. This new capability will allow customers to answer questions about new workload deployment, interaction, performance and capacity growth, and workload optimization, helping reduce risk, increase consolidation, and provide better visibility to plan for upgrades or expansions.

Pure also announced the new Global Dashboard in Pure1, which simplifies the management experience by providing key aggregate metrics from an entire fleet of arrays.

From a single dashboard, customers will be able to view the total data reduction and average load performance for all arrays. Performance trends for the last 24 hours are also shown and customers can plan more effectively with capacity consumption prediction across all arrays.

Recent alerts and messages across the fleet of arrays also enables better visibility of the storage footprint.