Red Hat adds SDN support to latest cloud management platform

Red Hat, Inc. has announced the general availability of Red Hat CloudForms 4.1, the latest version of its open hybrid cloud management solution. With support for Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat CloudForms 4.1 now supports greater choice and flexibility for customers who want to run hybrid cloud workloads on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

In addition, Red Hat CloudForms 4.1 expands the scope of its management capabilities with software-defined networking (SDN), providing a more unified management experience for software-defined datacenters. Finally, CloudForms 4.1 makes it easier to automate complex IT processes through integration with Ansible Tower, and provides customers with a simpler, cloud-friendly subscription model.

CloudForms is an advanced open source management platform for physical, virtual, and cloud IT environments, supporting both virtual machines and containers. CloudForms enables IT organizations to offer composable services through a self-service portal, managing the entire lifecycle from provisioning to retirement. It also facilitates risk management by defining advanced compliance policies that can be enforced in both greenfield and existing environments, and allows operators to optimize unit cost through capacity planning, reporting and financial management features.

Support for Google Cloud Platform

Developed in close collaboration with Google in the ManageIQ open source community, customers can now use Red Hat CloudForms to manage Google Cloud Platform environments. The support includes full lifecycle management of provisioned virtual machines, policy enforcement, chargeback and lifecycle management.

Support for software-defined networking

As organizations adopt Red Hat CloudForms to manage their cloud workloads, the management platform must extend beyond compute and handle networking and storage as well. To this end, CloudForms 4.1 adds network management for OpenStack Networking (Neutron), Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Developed in close collaboration with Nuage Networks, CloudForms’ new SDN capabilities enable users to discover and manage network elements while visualizing their relationship to other parts of the infrastructure.

Integration with Ansible Tower by Red Hat

Built-in integration with Ansible Tower makes it simpler than ever for CloudForms customers to provision complex applications and services through custom automation code. CloudForms 4.1 can now access Ansible Tower to run Ansible automation jobs, enabling CloudForms customers to make use of the popular Ansible automation language. Furthermore, the Ansible Tower integration also allows for easy composition of complex services by combining native CloudForms service catalog support with Ansible playbooks.

New cloud-friendly subscriptions

New flexible subscriptions are available immediately to all Red Hat CloudForms customers, enabling users to apply one subscription to either physical servers or cloud workloads. The subscription can be transported in either direction, as often as needed during the subscription period. Customers can also use an average of cloud instances under management to determine the number of CloudForms subscriptions they require for their public cloud workloads, helping them to avoid purchasing for peak demand, while new built-in reports can help them understand their actual and average utilization over time.