Red Hat Cloud Suite and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 now available

Red Hat, Inc. has announced the general availability of Red Hat Cloud Suite and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, the newest version of Red Hat’s OpenStack offering, adds optimized storage and management capabilities through the native inclusion of Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat CloudForms, respectively.

Red Hat Cloud Suite is a pre-integrated set of Red Hat’s cloud technologies that allows for cloud-native application development and deployment with the inclusion of OpenShift by Red Hat in addition to massively-scalable infrastructure and unified management.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8

Forming the backbone of Red Hat’s hybrid cloud offerings is Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, the latest version of the company’s highly scalable IaaS platform based on the OpenStack community “Liberty” release.

A co-engineered solution that integrates the proven foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat’s OpenStack technology to form a production-ready cloud platform, Red Hat OpenStack Platform is becoming a gold standard for large production OpenStack deployments. Hundreds of global production deployments and even more proof-of-concepts are underway, and in the information and telecommunications industry, a strong ecosystem of industry leaders are rallying around Red Hat OpenStack Platform for transformative network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) deployments.

With the debut of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, Red Hat’s core OpenStack offering now natively includes automated upgrades and updates; infrastructure and workload management included; software-defined storage; and telco-focused preview.

Red Hat Cloud Suite

Now available, Red Hat Cloud Suite combines the container application platform OpenShift Enterprise, with a massively scalable cloud infrastructure in the form of Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and a common management framework through Red Hat CloudForms.

Red Hat Cloud Suite enables users to accelerate new cloud-based services for private cloud and application development and optimize existing workloads through improved virtualization and performance. This enables a modern cloud environment where application delivery teams can focus on development, testing, and deployments using modern cloud-based containerized microservice solutions, while maintaining control and visibility.

Additional products in Red Hat Cloud Suite bring users further management and infrastructure    capabilities, including: a unified management experience; newly-added infrastructure monitoring with risk management and analytics; integrated application development and portability; KVM-based virtualization platform; and open, massively scalable, software-defined storage.

A growing number of organizations are building private clouds, to give them massively scalable and modern infrastructure, while maintaining increased security and control. According to the Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2016, a global survey of Red Hat customers, private cloud deployments are expected to outpace public cloud by 6x.

In addition, development teams are looking to streamline the creation and deployment of new cloud-native applications while IT leadership is hoping to meet growing business demands with cloud-based automation.

With the newly-available products, Red Hat now offers an integrated hybrid cloud stack with a container application platform (OpenShift by Red Hat), massively scalable infrastructure (Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8) and unified management tools (Red Hat CloudForms), all available individually or via a single, easy-to-deploy solution with Red Hat Cloud Suite.