Red Hat launches new program for system integrators

Red Hat, Inc. has launched a program that aims to help system integrators (SIs) build and monetize a modern cloud-native application development and delivery practice using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat JBossMiddleware.

The Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program is designed to help SIs build expertise on Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat JBoss Middleware developer tools and enable them to build and modernize applications for the cloud, to help deliver new services at lower cost and accelerate development for faster return on investment.

Companies are often driving digital transformation initiatives to be more innovative and help avoid disruption. As part of those initiatives, they can leverage tools such as cloud and containers to more quickly, easily and securely build and deploy modern apps that can help them stay ahead of competitors. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, more than 50% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 20% today.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an application development platform that unites developers and IT operations on a single platform to build, deploy, and manage applications more consistently across hybrid cloud infrastructures. An example is the Hong Kong-based international airline, Cathay Pacific, where they have replaced their legacy infrastructure with a cloud-native stack built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. This move has enabled Cathay to create a more efficient and scalable platform for developing and delivering new services, enabling Cathay to create a better overall experience for their customers.

Several Asia-Pacific SIs, including NTT Data in Japan, Wipro in India, Sino-Bridge in China and Integral and ANATAS in Australia, have been involved in building the program. The Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program is designed to be relevant to both established as well as “born-in-the- cloud” SIs that are building a DevOps or a modern application development practice.

“With agility and flexibility being increasingly identified as being important in the current volatile business environments, we are confident that our strong collaboration with Red Hat will be the basis for our solutions,” said Hiroshi Tomiyasu, technology and innovation general headquarters, NTT DATA. “Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will be a core technology to help drive our legacy-digital integration platform, which aims to help customers migrate their on-premise assets to the cloud to maximize their value.”