Replicating data offsite provides data protection

CapitalSource Bank, a Los Angeles-based retail bank with a suite of diverse savings options, has used CommVault® Simpana® software to help safeguard critical financial and operational data dispersed across 22 branch locations throughout California, as well as a main data center and disaster recovery site.

Tying it all up with global deduplication
Recently, CapitalSource Bank evaluated leading deduplication solutions, including Data Domain, EMC Avamar and CommVault Simpana software’s embedded global deduplication, to lower long-term storage costs by reducing redundant data.

Unlike hardware-based solutions, which require the addition of expensive appliances, CommVault’s software-based deduplication extends and embeds global deduplication across all backup and archive data. Activated by a simple license key, Simpana deduplication was enabled across backup and archive copies delivering better performance at a fraction of the cost of bulky hardware appliances.

The bank found that CommVault’s Singular Information Management® approach better fit its overall environment and operational goals. As a result, the bank deployed Simpana Deduplication and now reports a reduction in redundant data by nearly 70 percent as well as a significantly smaller data storage footprint which helps lower IT costs.

Integrating everything in one-view

One of the main reasons for choosing CommVault’s storage solutions is the integrated functionality offered by Simpana software modules for Backup & Recovery, Replication, and Archive as well as Simpana software’s integrated Deduplication feature.

The bank cites the ability to leverage Simpana software’s centralized management console and robust reporting for running all modules and reviewing operational status as a major cost savings and administrative benefit.

“I appreciate having a single pane of glass for running backup jobs and reviewing stats while also setting policies for replication, archiving and deduplication from a centralized console,” said Justin Schaeffer, systems administrator for CapitalSource Bank.

“CommVault’s deduplication software has performed exactly as it was supposed to. We’ve been able to derive better back-end storage efficiencies, which will enable CapitalSource Bank to accommodate rapid data growth and meet extended data retention requirements as needed.”

Replicating off-site for better data protection

CommVault technology has helped CapitalSource Bank streamline backup and recovery operations, including replicating data automatically to the bank’s disaster recovery site for data protection.

According to the bank, the decision to replicate data offsite rather than deploy tape encryption was driven by Simpana software’s ease of use and simplified data management, along with an overarching goal to expedite disaster recovery.

The comprehensive solution provides CapitalSource Bank with increased protection against site-wide disasters, data loss and service disruptions by replicating vital data easily and efficiently to an off-site disaster recovery location. According to the bank, they have increased recovery times by more than 50 percent as data can now be restored from disk quickly without the need to retrieve offsite tapes or recover data from slow tape drives.

Together, CommVault’s archiving and deduplication capabilities has enabled CapitalSource Bank to further reduce data and improve space management. The combination of archiving and deduplication has enabled the bank to shrink storage capacity consumption across primary storage, disk-based backups and even tape for more efficient, cost-effective long-term data retention.