Revlon simplifies IT operations with NetApp

Global beauty company Revlon has turned to NetApp to help inject simplicity, agility, and cost efficiencies throughout all levels of its business. Through the NetApp storage foundation, which is at the heart of the company’s IT operations, Revlon is able to ultimately make smarter IT decisions that help fuel company growth.

Revlon manufactures and distributes millions of beauty products each year to more than 100 countries across six continents, creating layers of business complexity and incredible amounts of data. These challenges limited the company’s previous IT infrastructure, so Revlon approached NetApp to transform its IT capabilities. By building on NetApp, Revlon successfully implemented a private cloud infrastructure that increased agility and enabled the company to adapt to meet growing consumer demands. NetApp also helped Revlon harness its big data challenge, turning 3.6PB of data from a burden into a business driver.

“When we started our IT transformation in 2006, our overarching philosophy was to simplify. Simplification enables the speed to adapt, and speed is a competitive advantage. IT’s job is to make systems work for people, rather than people working for systems,” said David Giambruno, senior vice president and CIO for Revlon. “Leveraging NetApp as our single storage and data management foundation provides a newfound level of agility that impacts every aspect of our business. With 97% of our total compute running on our internal cloud built by NetApp, we wield the technology needed to turn data into information. Ultimately, that enables us to support the business and to deliver high-quality, innovative products to our consumers around the world.”

Revlon’s private cloud infrastructure runs more than 500 applications in a virtualized environment, which support more than 15,000 automated application moves a month. NetApp enables nondisruptive operations of these applications with 99.9999% uptime.

The beauty company has experienced significant data center efficiencies with NetApp that include reducing energy costs by 72%, cutting its physical footprint by more than 50%, and avoiding investments of more than $70 million.

With its newfound agility, Revlon IT has been able to increase project throughput by 425% since 2007, reduce time to deliver projects by 70%, and complete 99.6% of projects on budget and on time.

Revlon IT leverages NetApp to maintain business continuity by restoring or moving business processes within its cloud environment. This capability played a major role during a recent winter storm that forced Revlon to move data among its data centers. The entire process was managed by a single employee and took less than one hour, resulting in zero impact to the business or user experience.

Revlon created a new model to consume and organize 3.6PB of data generated from tracking 660 million SKU attributes per month. By leveraging NetApp, Revlon IT implemented a global master data system that enables the company to deploy actionable information across its global Mobile Business Intelligence platform to business units regardless of device or location for simplified operations.

Revlon is currently testing NetApp Flash Accel and has experienced considerable efficiency and performance gains that have allowed the company to avoid significant hardware investments while deploying a new global ERP platform on its internal cloud.