Riverbed unveils enhancements to its Cascade WAN appliances

SINGAPORE – Riverbed Technology, an IT infrastructure performance company for networks, applications and storage, has introduced enhanced features to streamline the visibility and reporting efforts of organizations deploying WAN optimization. Since the completion of its acquisition of Mazu Networks in February 2009, the company has integrated the visibility and analysis capabilities of Cascade appliances into its WAN optimization solutions. In the newest version, Cascade 8.3, Riverbed will provide out-of-the box WAN optimization intelligence, with what the company labeled as “an enhanced level of automation, ease-of-use, and consolidated enterprise visibility in one place.”

As infrastructures become more complex, organizations are increasingly finding significant gaps in their ability to monitor the performance of critical applications and gain actionable information to drive the decision process, a Riverbed press statement said. Without requiring any expensive remote probes, advance configuration or environmental knowledge, Cascade “out-of-the-box” analyzes network traffic to provide valuable information about the performance, interactions of and dependencies between users, applications and networks, the statement added. Cascade 8.3 will streamline operator efforts to gain insight into where bottlenecks are in the environment, reporting on both optimized and non-optimized traffic in a consolidated view, it noted.

“Our customers have been asking for more than just optimization. They need new solutions to manage their WAN and understand the benefits of WAN optimization in their own environment. Over the last three months we’ve integrated Cascade into WAN optimization environments, beyond the capabilities of other application monitoring and visibility solutions,” said Alan Saldich, Riverbed vice president of product marketing.