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Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Data Center and Infrastructure

SAS moves to enable data analytics and AI for all

Commvault Software now enables Hadoop, Greenplum & GPFS big data environments

SAS will be offering something to everyone to educate the new generation to change what's possible, and to train a workforce for a transformed economy as the data analytics company moves to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence.

At their Global Forum in the United States, SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said that there was a renewed focus on data and analytics today, driven by increased computing power, a more connected world, and powerful technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and that the company’s biggest challenge was to make use of all data to solving the biggest issues.

SAS had announced plans to  invest US$1 billion in AI over the next three years in March this year. This followed the 2018 SAS Global Forum where announcements to build AI into its analytics software suite was a major focus.

The tools used for data science are rapidly changing at the moment, according to Gartner, which said we’re in the midst of a “big bang” in its latest report on data science and machine learning platforms.

During the technology keynotes at the event, SAS demonstrated how it is automating tasks like model building and deployment, and how this automation applies across a variety of industries, such as financial services, health care and government with the help of partners and customers like Nestle, Citibank and New Hanover County in North Carolina.

The updated SAS Platform delivers innovation in AI:

  • SAS automates the complex tasks required to build world-class analytical models:
    • Data cleansing, data transformations, selecting best variables, model building and comparing models, model deployment and retraining
  • SAS simplifies its technology to help users of all skill levels use powerful AI and ML analytics to innovate, interpret and make informed business decisions with:
    • A new project insights area, providing a high-level narrative summary to explain, for non-data scientists, what and how an analysis was performed.
    • Enhanced interpretability and explainability of AI models, enabling users to automatically generate explanations of analytics results in layman’s terms.
    • Improve decision-making with solutions such as SAS Intelligent Decisioning to automate and manage decisions across the enterprise.
    • Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that developers can use to access data and create custom web applications leveraging ML, NLP and other SAS AI capabilities in an automated way, without users having to code.
    • More valuable content embedded in the SAS portfolio, such as the new SAS Mobile Investigator, which brings the operational and investigative power of SAS Viya to users in the field and on the go.

Earlier in the year, both Forrester and Gartner highly rated SAS in terms of their data analytics and ML solutions with the Forrester report noting that, “SAS Viya is a modern architecture with a single high-performance analytical engine. SAS’ platform also features the tightest integration we saw between different analytics capabilities, data preparation, and governance.”

SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives, and is a free, cloud-based software that:

  • Is available for educators and students, and for independent learners through two upcoming Coursera courses, to help them use the latest machine learning and AI technologies from SAS.
  • Includes a suite of the latest visualization products on SAS Viya.
  • Features additional free educator workshops and teaching materials for academic institutions.