Saving your data in a safe or in a bank?

With the era of Big Data upon us, enterprises have been frustrated by decisions they never needed to consider before:  how to keep control over the vast amounts of data they are creating.

Faced with a dearth of meaningful policies and security controls to deal with this challenge, more and more enterprises have been turning to cloud services, which provide a valuable opportunity to save money and achieve efficiency by leveraging virtualization and centralizing storage and on-demand access requests. 

By turning to the cloud for data storage, enterprises of all sizes can dynamically grow and adjust their functionalities and capacities to meet ever-changing business demands no matter how much data they have. So why move your data to the cloud? Because data is lost when enterprises lose control over it, including control over how it is stored, how it is transmitted, and what end users do with it. Cloud, and the virtualization technologies on which they run, give you back that control, from data center to delivery to endpoint.

Data is an invaluable asset for organizations, and while cloud services play a very important role in ensuring an efficient deployment, enterprises often express concern that cloud services are inherently less secure because their data is no longer on-premise. However, a properly designed cloud service is as secure or more secure than on-premise data storage, offering secure data transfers, secure stored data, user access control, and data separation. Cloud Service360, a cloud-based IT service delivered by ACW Services and supported by Hitachi Data Systems in Hong Kong, is  one such cloud service, giving you peace of mind by offering  efficient service delivery, robust security, and total control over your enterprise’s data.

Secure data transfer

Data, much like your monetary investments and savings, travels.  To make sure your valuable  data is always traveling on a secure channel, an ideal cloud service provides site-to-site IPSec VPN connections and point-to-point dedicated network connections as optional services.

Secure stored data

The place where your assets are stored is the other major factor. Whether it is money, documents, or data, you want your assets to be safely stored and reliably accesible. In other words, data security should be guaranteed not only when it is on the move, but also when it idly sits on the servers or when it is accessed by cloud-based applications.

Security as a Service is the ideal cloud service ensuring data is securely and instantly encrypted when it is on the servers and while it is in use by the cloud service, with various advanced encryption methods.