SDP protection now available to transform your network security

Cryptzone, a Software-Defined Perimeter company, today announced the newest version of AppGate, which enables organizations to easily deploy a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) for granular access control.

The release of AppGate 3.0 furthers Cryptzone’s vision for transformational network security – where all network services adopt an identity-centric security model.

AppGate 3.0 employs an “authenticate first, connect second” approach for improved security. All users are validated with multi-factor, context-sensitive authentication, controlled by dynamic policies rather than static rules, before they’re permitted to connect to network resources.

“It’s clear that organizations need the security benefits provided by a Software-Defined Perimeter, and we are thrilled that vendors like Cryptzone have created Software-Defined Perimeter systems that are enterprise-ready,” said Jim Reavis, Co-founder & CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance. “We anticipate continued growth in SDP adoption this year, as organizations recognize the value and necessity of taking a new approach to security.”

AppGate 3.0 extends support for the Software-Defined Perimeter architecture:

  • All services are hidden behind Gateways, ensuring that only authorized users can access them
  • All AppGate components are protected by Single-Packet Authorization (SPA), ensuring that even the AppGate entry point appears “dark” to unauthorized users
  • All users are authenticated prior to access, and access is controlled by dynamic policies that adjust to changes in server, user, and overall system and device attributes
  • Enhanced capabilities detect and respond to malicious or unauthorized attempts at network access
  • Enterprises can easily and securely deploy services across their hybrid infrastructure, including public cloud infrastructure – from a single, centralized console

David Booth, ICT Compliance and Infrastructure Manager at the UK Isle of Wight Council said, “As a governmental body, we’re responsible for efficiently providing services to our citizens while maintaining the privacy and security of their personal data. With AppGate, we’ve improved our security while enabling more efficient operations, ultimately benefiting our citizens.”

“We’re a solutions provider focused on delivering innovative technologies for our commercial and governmental customers,” said Andy Davies, Managing Director Somerford Associates. “Cryptzone’s AppGate, with its innovative, and cloud-friendly approach to network security, successfully provides exactly what organizations need. We’ve had tremendous success with this partnership, and look forward helping customers leverage the capabilities of this new release.”