Seaman Paper Asia streamlines business operations with NetSuite OneWorld

Seaman Paper Asia (SPA), a leading B2B supplier of lightweight decorative tissue papers for retail packaging and consumer products, has realized significant business benefits since replacing MYOB accounting software with NetSuite OneWorld in 2013.

Based in Hong Kong with two locations in mainland China, and one in Vietnam, SPA relies on NetSuite OneWorld to manage its mission-critical financial processes, distribution, inventory and order management, and customer relationship management (CRM) as well as multi-currency transactions in U.S., Hong Kong, and Singapore dollars and the Euro. Since deploying NetSuite OneWorld, the company has reduced the time needed to manage key business processes by half, and has seen a double-digit increase in top-line revenue.

With its previous MYOB system, SPA struggled with limited reporting capabilities and inefficient double-entry of data. Additionally, the company could not easily scale and lacked the CRM and international capabilities it needed for growth. SPA selected NetSuite OneWorld to gain the scalability and flexibility it needed.

“Our goal is to be a truly global supplier, but we wouldn’t have been able to sustain our business on MYOB,” said Sam Jones, office manager at SPA. “NetSuite’s powerful customizations and access to information anywhere streamlines our processes and helps us grow.”

Since going live on NetSuite OneWorld, top-line revenue has increased 25 percent at SPA, which produces gift wrapping paper for consumers, as well as branded wrapping paper for footwear and apparel brands such as Prada, Victoria’s Secret and Louis Vuitton. SPA has eliminated the manual process of creating separate sales and purchase orders in MYOB, as NetSuite automatically generates a PO from a sales order, reducing time required by more than one-half. “All our processes have been streamlined, from sales orders to invoicing and fulfillment,” Jones said.

In addition, SPA has greatly improved visibility into key business metrics with customizable NetSuite dashboards and robust reporting and analytics that allow users to drill down from transactions into details. A single source of unified data makes it easy to track trends, identify challenges and opportunities, and continuously optimize the business.

“NetSuite gives us a very powerful reporting and analysis environment,” Jones said. “I’ve set up my dashboard in a way that I can see a cross section of sales performance data — it’s all very intuitive, easy and at my fingertips.”

“SPA is a great example of how organizations in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia can improve business performance with NetSuite,” said Herman Yong, Chief Solution Architect at One Pacific Services, a NetSuite Solution Provider in Hong Kong that implemented OneWorld at SPA.

“We’ve seen soaring demand in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia at large for cloud-based business management software that offers scale and agility not possible with outdated systems,” Herman said. “The results that SPA has seen reflect just how transformational moving to NetSuite is for companies in a range of industries.”

NetSuite OneWorld supports 190 currencies, 20 languages, automated tax calculation and reporting in more than 100 countries, and transactions in more than 200 countries. Additional benefits that SPA has realized with NetSuite OneWorld include:

  • Multi-currency transactions. NetSuite OneWorld enables SPA to streamline transactions in U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore dollars and the Euro, while Seaman Paper Europe transacts in the Euro and U.S. dollar.
  • International tax compliance. Working with NetSuite Solution Provider Alta Via, the German subsidiary uses NetSuite OneWorld to improve its European Union and Germany tax compliance.
  • Anytime, anywhere cloud access. Ability to access business-critical information in NetSuite OneWorld from anywhere in the world has proven vital to help SPA staff keep their fingers on the pulse of the business while traveling or working remotely.
  • Inventory visibility. SPA has real-time insights into inventory availability at warehouses in Hong Kong, Germany and the U.K., helping it better fulfill orders and manage production volume.
  • CRM capabilities. NetSuite CRM gives SPA sales staff a unified record of all customer account, interaction and order history information to help drive sales and provide a superior customer experience.