Securities firm realizes opportunities with new IP-based trading system

Agency brokerage firm Global Trading Offshore Pte Ltd (GTO) is an institution-only business offering high-touch execution services in Asian securities. Strong local and regional business growth forced GTO to relocate to a new and bigger office. As part of the relocation, the company needed to migrate from existing trading turrets in the old office to a totally new system that would continue to serve its existing customers whilst enabling GTO to expand into new markets across Asia.
GTO needed to migrate all of its operations with zero disruption to its services. After considering multiple options, GTO turned to Dimension Data (formerly known as Datacraft) for a migration strategy and technology solution that would enable them to transition smoothly to their new location whilst providing the compliance, scalability, reliability and enhanced performance to further promote effectiveness within their team.
“It is vital for us to find a solution that meets our compliance requirements and supports cost effective expansion locally. Dimension Data’s solutions give us the ability to scale as we extend our service offerings across the region,” said Craig Johnson, managing director, Global Trading Offshore Pte Ltd.
GTO understood the complexity of developing its own system and considered an outsourced model as the best option. It turned to Dimension Data to help identify the best suited solution and approach to meet its needs. GTO chose IP Trade’s fully IP-based trading platform delivered as a managed service by Dimension Data.
“Trading systems are generally costly, complex and proprietary, and only accessible to the bigger players in the industry. By leveraging our partnership with IP Trade and our strength as Cisco’s key IPT partner in Asia, financial organizations can entrust Dimension Data to integrate trading floor applications such as voice recording, ticker and video news feeds based on IP Trade IP-based communications platform with confidence,” said Nagi Kasinadhuni, general manager for Converged Communications and Customer Interactive Solutions, Dimension Data Asia Pacific.
“We understand the operational constraints of trading firms like GTO. In addition to the need to have fast, reliable and accessible communication systems, they also need to constantly reduce their cost per trade to remain competitive, while staying alert to new business opportunities locally and regionally,” added Kasinadhuni.
Delivered as a managed service, Dimension Data offers cost-effective trader voice functionality based on business needs. The ability for compliant, cluster-wide free seating, simple management, enhanced collaboration and resource sharing allows IT managers to overcome a number of key challenges they face today whilst also enabling enhanced user productivity.
“It was impressive to see how the whole solution was brought together on time without the need to cut any corners. The IP Trade dealing phones are very easy to use, which has resulted in us using more features than we did previously,” added Johnson.
“It has been particularly pleasing to hear positive feedback direct from the traders that our next generation dealing turret features were simple to use. GTO makes another great addition to our growing client portfolio in Asia and we look forward to continue providing them with the benefits that our solution offers,” said Oliver Jones, Asia Pacific regional manager of IP Trade.