Self-service backup service brings automation, business continuity to enterprise cloud solutions

Dimension Data has announced the availability of Cloud Backup across its global Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) locations.  Cloud Backup is an optional backup and restore service available as an add-on to Dimension Data’s enterprise-class Public and Private Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings. With Cloud Backup, organisations are able to back up their files, applications and system state locally or to geographically separate MCP locations to ensure business continuity and protection for enterprise workloads.

Dimension Data offers three classes of Cloud Backup service that address the needs for simple file and folder backup as well as full application, system and file backup and restore Cloud Backup Essentials (file and folder backup and restore); Cloud Backup Advanced (file, folder, and system state backup and restore); and Cloud Backup Enterprise (file, folder, system state, and application backup and restore).

With Cloud Backup, organisations can back up entire applications in a self-service environment. In a typical scenario today, IT staff may spend significant time restoring individual files and folders or face a lengthy support ticket process to retrieve data. By offering Cloud Backup as self-service, enterprises gain more control over their own data and applications hosted in the cloud.

Gerard Florian, director of product management at Dimension Data’s ITaaS Service Unit said, “IT departments focus significant resources on managing the backup of critical data. Self-service, full application backup will assist our clients to automate and streamline backup and restore activities while reducing the burden on IT staff to manage the process.” 

Clients can set up Cloud Backup services by using the self-service Dimension Data CloudControl web user interface or API. Backup options may be selected at any point before or after spinning up a cloud server and can be adjusted as needed.

In addition to the US and Australia, where the service is already available, deployment of Cloud Backup in Asia, Europe and the Middle East & Africa has already begun and the service will be operationally ready in those countries in FYQ3 and FYQ4. Pricing starts at USD 10 per cloud server plus USD 0.10/GB of data storage per month.