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Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Seoul district office supports 2,500 CCTV cameras with Infortrend storage

Seoul district office supports 2,500 CCTV cameras with Infortrend storage

The Office of Gwanak-Gu, the second most populated district of Seoul, uses Infortrend storage to support its 24/7 city surveillance operation comprising 2,500+ CCTV cameras.

The CCTV Surveillance Center of Gwanak-Gu has grown from 400 units of SD cameras in 2010 to 2,250 units of FHD cameras plus 300 units of SD cameras in 2017. Their limited rack space could no longer accommodate the rapidly growing number of devices such as storages and decoders. This prompted the IT administrators to look for high density storage solutions with high throughput. Infortrend storage products with compact form factor, tremendous capacity expansion, and high performance were just the right fit for Gwanak-Gu's needs.

The Gwanak-Gu Office first decided to opt for Infortrend storage in 2012 and subsequently expanded its system three times with Infortrend solutions.

"Through these four projects, we've experienced Infortrend's products' excellent performance and very compact design. They ideally support VMware virtual machines, too. We expect to use more than 7PB of physical capacity with Infortrend storage for the fifth expansion in the second half of this year," said Donghyun Lim, Officer, CCTV Surveillance Center, Safety Management Division, Gwanak-Gu Office.

The Gwanak-Gu Office needs reliable storage with minimum downtime for their 24/7 non-stop surveillance operation. Infortrend storage's dual controller feature, high availability design and hot swappable modular components ensure uninterrupted operation for Gwanak-Gu.

Thomas Kao, senior director of Product Planning at Infortrend commented, "Infortrend is honored to have been selected to support the storage of video data for the Gwanak-Gu Office for so many years. We will continue to provide top-notch products and all-round services for the Gwanak-Gu Office and customers around the world."