SG distributor invests S$285K in network training for tertiary students

Network equipment reseller Transition Systems has invested S$285,000 toward training students at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in networking, IP services and security.

The three-year initiative, dubbed IP Service and Security Capstone project, aims to enhance ITE students’ employment chances in the IT industry.
The sum covers the training of ITE staff, course materials, S$100,000 of Alcatel-Lucent equipment and examination vouchers worth US$10,800.  Vouchers can be used to subsidize examination fees for Alcatel-Lucent’s field expert certification.
Project terms include having Transition Systems and Alcatel-Lucent train three ITE staff each year in web gateway services, security audit compliance and software application development on IT systems.
ITE staff will in turn train students in the school’s wireless technology and networking security technology courses for professional certification. Some 80 students each year are eligible for training.
Both Transition Systems and Alcatel-Lucent will also provide local or overseas attachment stints to certified ITE staff while students may receive internships in wireless system projects, system administration and project management.
Transition Systems and Alcatel-Lucent will benefit from having trained ITE staff instruct the latter’s customers in the use of various Alcatel-Lucent products within the college’s environment.
Principal for ITE College East Eden Liew said the project will equip students with relevant networking industry certification and practical skills from on-the-job training that will prove valuable in their efforts to gain employment.
The project will begin at ITE College East and is will be extended to ITE’s two other campuses by year-end.