Silver Peak counters eavesdropping on corporate networks with Accelerated IPSec

Silver Peak has combined site-to-site VPN security and WAN optimisation to deliver Accelerated IPSec.  Silver Peak combines these capabilities to provide customers with the most cost-effective approach to securing and accelerating data in transit between data centres, remote offices and the cloud.  This saves customers time and money by eliminating the need to purchase separate IPSec VPN and WAN optimisation products.

“Current events have elevated concerns about corporate traffic being intercepted by government agencies,” said Damon Ennis, SVP of products for Silver Peak.  “This is driving renewed interest in how businesses secure critical communications and data transfers to remote sites.  Silver Peak provides companies with immense value by providing IPSec VPN security as part of our WAN optimisation products for no additional charge.”

Conventional site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) protect data in-flight, but require extensive networking expertise to configure and do not address the performance challenges of delivering applications over distance.  Silver Peak solves the performance and configuration challenges of IPSec, enabling applications to perform as well across a long distance IPSec VPN as they do within the local office – all without requiring networking expertise or complicated procedures to deploy a VPN.  The software sits on the edge of the network running as a virtual machine or as a physical appliance, and site-to-site traffic is accelerated and secured using AES-256 encryption with SHA-1 authentication.

“Creating the IPSec tunnels with Silver Peak was easier and faster than on a router,” said Steve Borba, network security engineer for Citizens Business Bank.  “It also gave us features beyond just VPN, such as WAN acceleration and SSL decryption.”

Organisations can use Silver Peak’s Accelerated IPSec in a variety of different capacities, such as offsite data replication, site-to-site security, and server consolidation.

Accelerated IPSec is available today in all Silver Peak virtual and hardware appliances running the latest version of Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA).