Singapore has highest level of ‘Net penetration in SE Asia

Singapore has the highest level of Internet penetration in Southeast Asia, according to a report released today by global insights and measurement company, Nielsen.

Singapore consumers access the Internet more frequently than consumers in any other market across Southeast Asia.

Also, 85% of digital consumers in Singapore own an Internet-capable mobile phone, according to the report.

About 67% of Singapore’s population aged 15-plus now use the Internet and 97% of 15 to 19-year-olds are online.

Only 33% of Singaporeans aged 50-plus use the Internet. Among online Singaporeans, 80% are accessing the Internet on a daily basis.

Popularity of social media

Eighty-five percent of Singaporeans said they access social media sites, and 69% use these sites to connect or engage with brands and companies.

Singaporeans’ trust in consumer opinions posted online is high and online product reviews and discussion forums are one of the most trusted sources of recommendations in purchase decision making.

Survey findings also showed that 23% of digital consumers in Singapore now have a tablet computer in the household and over 70% use a smartphone.

“As digital media continues to grow and become an ingrained and essential part of many consumers’ everyday lives and activities, it is presenting advertisers with an increasing array of opportunities to communicate and interact with consumers,” said Rebecca Tan, managing director of Nielsen’s Media division in Singapore.

“While Singaporeans still largely access the Internet via PCs, the growing popularity of connected devices such as the iPhone and iPad and the increasing availability of cheaper mobile Internet price plans are paving the way for growth in mobile and tablet Internet usage in the future.”