Sonus demystifies cloud myths

Sonus Networks, Inc. has introduced enhancements to its comprehensive cloud solution with cloud-optimized versions of its PSX and EMS, a microservices architecture for the SBC SWe and integrated analytics.

With a cloud-optimized SBC, PSX and EMS, service providers can instantiate virtual policy and routing control as well as virtual session management in a tested Sonus NFV Orchestration Partner environment. In addition, Sonus delivers solutions for geographic redundancy, high availability and load balancing across multiple virtual network functions (VNFs) in a cluster, providing robust solution reliability.

By taking advantage of its SBC’s fundamental design, Sonus has separated signaling, media processing and transcoding into individual components. As customers migrate RTC to the Cloud, Sonus’ architecture enables independent orchestration and scaling of each SBC microservice based on network traffic.

Unlike solutions which only provide redundancy for signaling, Sonus’ microservices architecture is truly redundant, delivering high availability for all three microservices.

Integrated Analytics Enhances Solution Management

With this release, Sonus supplies an embedded data agent in each VNF instance that communicates traffic and utilization information to an integrated data warehouse and analytics solution.

This integration enables automatic on-demand VNF management, optimizes resource utilization at the microservices level, and provides advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

“There are vendors promoting myths when it comes to real-time communications, claiming that since their products are virtualized, they work seamlessly in the cloud,” said Kevin Riley, Sonus CTO and SVP, engineering and operations. “Sonus focuses on addressing the practical realities of deploying cloud-optimized products.  We architected a robust solution that runs seamlessly in the cloud and delivers scale, reliability and feature capability on par with our hardware-based offers. Unlike our competitors, Sonus provides customers with a complete, real-world solution, making real-time communications in the cloud a reality.”