Star India employees use mobile phones to unlock doors of Mumbai HQ

Star India, a multimedia entertainment company in India, has secured the entrances and doors of its Mumbai headquarters by issuing 2,500 mobile IDs to its employees’ smartphones and installed numerous mobile-ready iCLASS SE readers at doors and gates throughout the 32-story building.

“As India’s largest multimedia company, we have extremely high security standards,” said Sumir Yadav, Senior Vice President (Administration and Facilities) with Star India. “HID Global, known for being the market leader of access control solutions, was able to fulfill all our requirements. With HID Mobile Access, we can now take advantage of the latest technology in this mobile-first age and achieve better security without being intrusive or compromising the user experience.”

Mobile IDs, a core component of HID Mobile Access, were provisioned via the solution’s robust online portal, making it possible for Star India’s IT administrators to issue or revoke mobile IDs quickly, easily and efficiently. Whenever a new employee joins the company, the IT administrators can effortlessly enroll them into the system by simply sending the employee an email invitation. The system-generated email contains directions and an activation code for the recipient to download and use the HID Mobile Access App. Upon entering the code and successfully activating the app, the employee can begin using their mobile device to unlock doors and gates at Star India.

50% of the world’s companies will enact bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs by this year, as predicted by Gartner, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing costs, while driving innovation through countless applications and new opportunities beyond traditional mobile email and communications.

“As more businesses adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) polices and cloud initiatives, increasingly customers in Asia Pacific are looking to us to provide a modern and cost-effective solution for their mobile-driven and secure workplaces. HID Mobile Access supports the broadest range of mobile devices from smartphones to wearables and it can also be used in addition to traditional card access, giving companies the privacy protection and convenience they have come to expect from HID Global, at the pace that aligns to their changing business goals,” said Alex Tan, Director of Sales, Physical Access Control System, HID ASEAN.

Feedback on HID Mobile Access from Star India employees has been positive, and the company is currently exploring options to deploy HID Mobile Access to secure its canteen as well as its collaboration spaces. Star India is also considering expanding the scope of the solution to cover the management of its visitor and enable secure printing in the future.

Star India received the IFSEC India Awards 2016 in “Excellence in Security Initiatives” for their implementation of HID Mobile Access with HID Global’s “Twist and Go” gesture technology. The award is a user implementation accolade that recognizes the excellence and innovations of CSOs and security officers who work behind the scenes to ensure robust security for their organizations.