Study notes rise in Asia’s demand for IT professionals

The technology boom in Asia has shown more signs of progression as IT becomes increasingly integrated within every facet of an organisation’s day to day processes and operations. This has created a large demand for professionals with data protection, cyber security and project implementation expertise. As these remain niche skill areas, such talent are highly sought after in Asia.

These are the highlights of the Robert WaltersAsia Job Index for Q1 2016.

The popularity of social media and e-commerce has also impacted the digital landscape. Businesses are constantly enhancing their consumer relationship strategies in order to better engage with their audience and build an online presence.

As more companies integrate technology into every facet of their daily operations and implement large-scale IT projects, job advertising volumes for professionals skilled in cyber security, FinTech and e-commerce have shown particularly strong growth (16%).

In Singapore, continued investment and interest from venture capital companies in technology start-ups drove job volumes for IT professionals up 8%. Demand from the mushrooming e-commerce and digital sectors saw a 19% spike in marketing job advertisements as companies sought to utilise more creative channels to connect with consumers.

In Hong Kong, IT professionals remained in demand with a 19% year-on-year increase in the number of job advertisements. The market remained candidate-short, particularly for professionals with experience in growth areas such as FinTech, e-commerce and IT security.

In Malaysia, the technology sector’s focus on information security has driven the demand for cyber security and data protection services in Malaysia.