Survey finds Web infrastructures lacking

Akamai Technologies has sponsored the IDC Asia-Pacific Web Application Survey 2010 in which it discusses the trends driving demand for Web applications. The survey revealed businesses have become reliant on the Internet for their daily operations, and outlines the challenges IT departments face as they strive to improve application performance and the end-user experience. And given the rise in the number of Web applications accessed in the cloud, IT departments are under pressure to rethink their Web delivery strategy.

According to the survey published in the Akamai-sponsored IDC white paper entitled “Prepare to Scale Your Web Infrastructure to Meet Imminent Growth in Cloud and Mobility,” the proportion of Web applications delivered over the cloud will surge 40% over the next 12 months and drive IT managers to further improve the performance of their Web infrastructures. 26% of the organizations polled have experienced productivity issues due to poor access to Web applications.

Philip Chua, Country Manager for Singapore and Malaysia, said, “Most organizations are embracing key IT innovations as they move their businesses online. In view of this, it’s imperative IT departments have in place a proper IT infrastructure to support this shift towards working in the cloud. Failing to do so will have an adverse effect on the company’s overall productivity and bottom-line.”

Organizations were asked about their business expansion plans as well as utilization of the Internet and cloud-based computing for business functions. Initial findings show incredible growth in the Asia-Pacific region – about 32% of the 423 organizations polled across Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan) plan to set up branch offices over the next 12 months, with India and Hong Kong leading with aggressive business expansion plans.

Such business expansion will change the nature and complexion of the workforce. With increased mobility and business agility, companies are able to expand their operations quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to respond more efficiently to changes in the business environment.

According to Adrian Dominic Ho, principal for IDC’s Asia-Pacific Practice Group covering Communications and Service research, and author of the IDC white paper, growth in extended enterprises will also contribute to the rise of the borderless world, resulting in a surge in Web application adoption. One of the most challenging tasks IT managers will face is ensuring they deliver acceptable levels of application performance, and improve user experience and performance of Web applications.