Survey highlights growing market for and proven benefits of deduplication in production environments

Deduplication has entered the mainstream and is effectively addressing the backup and data storage issues caused by exponential data growth, finds the results of quick poll conducted by IDG Research Services.

Commissioned by FalconStor Software, Inc., the “Backup Technologies: the Tale of the Tape” survey shows  large enterprises are leading the way – with mid-size companies and small businesses not far behind – in deploying and reporting significant benefits of the technology, including faster backups, quicker recovery, more efficient data management and lower operating costs.

Through its online poll, IDG Research collected information from 215 qualified IT leaders at large, medium and small companies across various industries regarding their use of backup and deduplication technologies.

The survey finds that 59 percent of all respondents either have a deduplication solution in place (43 percent) or plan to implement one (16 percent).

An aggregated 52 percent of large enterprises, 32 percent of mid-size companies and 28 percent of SMBs currently have a deduplication solution in place.

An aggregated 60 to 70 percent of respondents already have achieved or expect to realize faster backups, quicker recovery and improved efficiency with deduplication.

Forty percent of all respondents, regardless of company size, retain backup data for more than three years.

“Data is growing at the rate of 50 to 60 percent annually, which results in conventional backup and data protection environments becoming an overwhelming, costly burden. Unsure of what else to do, companies have purchased more backup media and spent a lot of money trying to solve the problem. However, with the introduction of deduplication technology, companies were able to cost-efficiently back up information to disk and store data for longer periods of time,” said Suresh Nair, general manager and vice president of sales and marketing of Asia Pacific for FalconStor. “Today, deduplication is an integral aspect of any modern storage strategy. The IDG survey shows that deduplication has been deployed and tested by a wide range of midsize to large enterprises, demonstrating its benefits to the rest of the market and accelerating adoption of the technology.”

The survey data also revealed that an aggregated 59 percent of companies polled are using a combination of disk-based backup and tape storage; and an aggregated 39 percent are using disk-based backup with deduplication. Tape continues to be a cost-effective medium for data archiving, especially as businesses are required to retain records for longer periods of time, while disk-based systems are deployed for faster backup and recovery. Deduplication increases the efficiency of both disk and tape, optimizing the management of both short- and long-term storage.