Survey highlights need to tame increasing complexity of data protection, cost of downtime

More and more small-and medium-sized businesses are dealing with simultaneously needing to back up physical, virtual and cloud environments, according to new research from IDC that identifies complexity and data growth as key data protection challenges SMBs.

Sponsored by Acronis, the global study also reveals varying levels of cloud backup adoption across different geographies, and bring to light the cost of downtime for SMBs.

In Asia Pacific, companies are more cautious on cloud backup. More than half (57 percent) of Asia Pacific SMBs back up some portion of their data to the cloud, while this figure is 65 percent globally, 63 percent in Western Europe and 93 percent in US.

Nearly 80 percent of companies estimate downtime costs them at least $20,000 per hour or more, and more than 20 percent estimate it costs them at least $100,000.

The study also reveals that more organizations are facing backup complexity with heterogeneous environments. Almost 37 percent of organizations have to simultaneously back up virtual, physical and cloud-based servers. 

A majority (87%) of SMBS retain their most recent cloud-based backup on-premises as well.

Seventy-six percent of Singaporean respondents agree that their operations are well managed and planned. And 74 percent feel confident that they can recover all their data when a disaster occurs. 

A majority or 78 percent of Singaporean companies have to manage two or more different hypervisors, far more complex than those of Germany (38.7%), France (48.3%) and Japan (45.5%).

There is also a large proportion (73 percent) of Singapore SMBs that adopt cloud to back up their data, far beyond the proportion of Asia Pacific average (57.4 percent) and the global average (65 percent).

Largest concerns for cloud adoption

Security and RTO concerns are two major reasons why Singaporean companies are not backing up to the cloud. While globally, the biggest concern is backup performance issues (61.4 percent)

“The findings released today are clear – it’s a different world for IT managers today, and data backup for a small or medium-sized business is more complex than ever,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage at IDC. “Data sizes and types continue to evolve, as does the number of servers and operating systems each company uses. This leads to a host of new challenges that IT managers face to make sure they can back up and protect their data and restore operations quickly.”

 “Data is more plentiful, complex, and valuable than ever before,” said Robert Yang, Vice President at Acronis APAC. “That’s why we pioneered the Acronis AnyData Engine, so organizations of all sizes can easily protect their data and ensure their systems can be restored smoothly, quickly and completely. With downtime costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for some companies, every IT manager should make sure they have a plan in place to restore operations and avoid data loss.”