Talent Lounge restaurant deploys cloud POS System

Talent Lounge restaurant located in Petaling Jaya, Malysia, has implemented a cloud-based POS system named Slurp.

Talent Lounge restaurant is part of Talent Lounge, a lifestyle collaborative space focusing on talent development. The restaurant replaced its traditional cash register with Slurp in September 2014 with the aim of increasing efficiency.

Targeted at F&B businesses, Slurp works via an app installed on the Apple iPad that helps the restaurant manage customer orders and track the check-in and check-out times of wait staff. The restaurant also uses Slurp’s basic inventory system.

“Running a restaurant is no easy task. We’re glad to have adopted Slurp which provides us with more benefits than the previous conventional cash register,” said MD of Talent Lounge Azhani Mastura Yeop Rashi. “The most important thing is that Slurp helps us enhance customer experience. Our customers can also take advantage of a simple way of ordering food using Slurp app on their own smartphone.”

“We like the fact that with Slurp, customer orders are digitally recorded in the system and this is a type of efficiency that has an important role in our daily operations,” Ameron Yeop Rashidi added.