Telstra to go on Cisco’s global cloud platform

Telstra today announced it has become the world-first partner to leverage Cisco’s global cloud platform to provide customers with scale and open standards of cloud computing.

To help customers manage multiple applications across hybrid public cloud environments, Telstra will build a cloud infrastructure together with Cisco that provisions cloud and network services in real-time, providing greater speed, security and performance.

Telstra also announced it will invest in Cisco Evolved Services Platform for its networking infrastructure, enabling seamless and highly secure delivery of cloud applications to customers, across the network and cloud, all the way to the branch and user desktop.

The Telstra-Cisco partnership will move Telstra Global from being a provider of enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and market-leading cloud solutions, to help customers design their cloud environment, said Erez Yarkoni, executive director, cloud, enterprise & services, Telstra Global.

Telstra’s cloud offerings based on Cisco’s global cloud platform will be available in Australia by the end of 2014.