Tenable brings network visibility into Google Cloud Platform

Tenable Network Security has integrated Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View with Google Cloud Platform, giving administrators better visibility into what is happening within their cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-based infrastructure eases IT’s administrative woes and lowers operating costs, but the benefits don’t count for much if there is any doubt about the security of key applications running in the cloud. While system administrators can easily spin up new services and hosts, security teams don’t always know what applications and services are running in their cloud and hybrid environments or understand the risks associated with each one.

With SecurityCenter CV, administrators can export logs from Google Cloud via the publish-and-subscribe service and be notified about host-level changes as they occur in the cloud environment. SecurityCenter CV gives administrators the information they need to identify potential danger spots and uncover indicators of compromise.

Attackers typically spend some time with reconnaissance after the initial breach and before they steal data or cause some kind of damage. Google Stackdriver handles cloud monitoring, logging, and diagnostics information on Google Cloud. Log data feeding into SecurityCenter CV from Google Cloud can alert defenders to potential reconnaissance activities, such as unexpected web application scans, new or existing hosts consuming too many resources, and unauthorized changes in the cloud environment.

“Organizations need a comprehensive security program that delivers complete visibility and the assurance to know their data will be safe and secure, whether using an all-cloud approach, a hybrid or multicloud environment,” said Matt Alderman, vice president of strategy at Tenable Network Security.

Google has been wooing enterprise customers to its Google Cloud Platform, which is lagging behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The company has been investing heavily in its cloud platform and building out its infrastructure, but it is still in catch-up mode with its more established competitors.

Google’s senior vice president of enterprise business, Diane Greene, has claimed that Google Cloud Platform has the edge in areas like machine learning, open source software, and security. Part of that comes from Google, with the company’s security engineers continuously working to secure and improve the platform. The other part comes from partnerships like this one with Tenable to provide administrators with security tools they can use to monitor their own systems.

Moving key applications to the cloud introduces new types of risk to the organization, and Google Cloud Platform’s growth will depend on giving administrators the tools to gain the visibility they need across their infrastructure.