Thailand’s WIN migrates to AWS to support global expansion

Innovative logistics company, Worldwide Information Network (WIN), has migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the company disrupts the shipping sector.

WIN is an online platform for independent freight forwarders to connect with logistics service providers for secure, digital, shipment-level collaboration in the cloud.

The company, which was founded in 2013 and is based in Bangkok, Thailand, provides a cloud-based collaboration platform for thousands of independent freight and logistics companies in 180 countries, and is intent on bringing logistics into the 21st century.

Shipping, whose processes are still based around phone calls and email, has not adapted well to the new e-commerce world, and WIN is attempting to move industry practices forward. Instead of spending valuable IT time on connection projects with individual agents, WIN provides a single connection to communicate with any other agent or carrier on WIN, regardless of what software logistics services partners are using.

As WIN expanded, they wanted to move away from a dedicated hosting environment and chose to migrate to AWS with the help of Rackspace. The main attraction was the number of features that enable WIN to handle scaling and high availability, which are unavailable in a dedicated hosting environment.

With dedicated hosting, WIN needed to pre-buy hardware that they would need for scaling, but with AWS, WIN would enjoy more flexibility.

Included in the Rackspace suite of cloud solutions is Fanatical Support® for AWS. Through this offering, Rackspace provides tools, expertise, application management, and operational support to customers on the AWS Cloud.

Rackspace’s results-obsessed, can-do approach to customer service means that its support team, engineers and architects and their specialized expertise are always available.  WIN can rely on Rackspace to not only address problems as they happen, but also to identify potential issues that have not yet occurred.

Rackspace blends technology and automation plus human experts to deliver on-going architecture, security, and 24x7x365 operations backed by AWS certified engineers and architects. Functions such as migration, architecture design and operations can take the focus away from a company’s core business, but as Rackspace’s AWS technologists did the heavy lifting, WIN’s IT team could focus on their business.

Since moving to AWS and being supported by Rackspace, WIN has much better pooling, technology, and agility to scale, all without increasing their spend. Rackspace supplements the WIN team by taking on the backend infrastructure management, enabling WIN to focus on activities core to their business. They are able to save money on staffing, and invest these savings on platform engineering and making products for customers.

Fanatical Support for AWS can offer value to a business in many ways. “We had continuity and simplicity in terms of the migration, and stepped into the Aviator Support to get ourselves there. It has been a very effective solution for us and I would absolutely recommend Rackspace with Amazon Web Services,” said John DeBenedette, WIN’s Managing Director.

“We are proud to work with WIN as they disrupt the shipping industry. Our certified AWS experts provide the upfront professional services advice and round the clock support to help WIN get the most out of the AWS Cloud. We continue to optimize and integrate new features on their behalf, allowing WIN to focus solely on their core business,” said Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Rackspace.