The importance of ‘digital intuition’

The world is a complex place and in order to make informed decisions and take calculated risks, businesses will need a new sense of “digital intuition”, according to CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire.

In an email interview with Networks Asia’s Victor Ng, Martin Mackay, President and GM, APJ, CA Technologies, expounds further on this concept of “digital intuition” and also talks about how can organizations effectively engage CA as a “Modern Software Factory.”

CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire opened CA World 2017 by encouraging business and IT executives to find the sweet spot where innovation and execution intersect, and urged enterprises to develop a sense of ‘digital intuition’. Could you expound further on this concept of ‘digital intuition’ that’s needed to leverage the myriad of customer data to find patterns, anticipate trends, inform decisions and even manage risk?

“Playing it safe can actually be the riskiest decision you can make” – this was one of the prognoses that our CEO, Mike Gregoire made at his keynote during CA World 2017.

Businesses have long passed the point where they use technology and software to merely drive efficiencies. What they should be focusing today is innovating the next big shift for their company, or risk being displaced or rendered irrelevant. But transformation and innovation cannot be achieved by traveling down a well-trodden path. The ones who are not afraid of risks will be the ones that will drive change in organizations.

While there is a need for businesses to take greater risk, this does not mean they should have an insatiable appetite for risk. Instead, they should be better able to manage it. However, the world is a complex place and in order to make informed decisions and take calculated risks, businesses will need a new sense of digital intuition.

This can be cultivated by having a deep understanding of where the data is coming from, what it means and how to use it responsibly. Those who can transform data – generated by customers, employees and partners – into insights and understanding will be champions in the digital economy.

And the importance of digital intuition applies to every industry. One of the trends we observed is that more and more B2B businesses are now using data to enhance the user experience of enterprise-class products, similar to what B2C companies are doing for consumer applications. This comes as no surprise as every brand today will be represented, communicated and judged through the technology deployed to create user experience.