Top 10 trends in business analysis

Business analysts find themselves taking on multiple roles in organisations, as business leaders recognise the importance of requirements management.

According to Raed S. Haddad, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, ESI International, enterprising BAs see this trend and are carving out career paths beyond the typical BA roles.

ESI International, a project management training company, has released its top 10 trends in business analysis for 2014. This year’s trends discuss the evolving roles that business analysts take on and underscore the need for varied skill sets to ensure that they are prepared for what’s coming next.

ESI’s top 10 trends for business analysis include:

  1. Business analysts and systems analysts will need to develop interchangeable skill sets.
  2. Many will realise that being “Agile” is a competency, not a methodology.
  3. The role of the BA and PM will continue to overlap in small to medium-size organisations.
  4. BAs will get in on the action early and often.
  5. Requirements management gets sophisticated.
  6. Business analysis continues to emerge as a profession with a career path in larger organisations.
  7. More and more, project sponsors will learn about BA.
  8. BAs become cool.
  9. Enterprise architecture comes back to life. Was it ever really dead?
  10. There are plenty of cloudy days ahead, and those clouds are filled with apps.

“What started in 2013 continues through into this new year,” said Haddad. “BAs are front and centre, and their ability to deliver business value through requirements will continue to give them prominence and recognition within the business.”