Trend Micro collaborates with VMware to secure the software-defined data center

Trend Micro is participating in VMware’s vForum and VSS events across Asia Pacific starting this month to highlight its collaboration with VMware to enable the next evolution of virtualization — the Software Defined Data Center. Trend Micro is working with VMware to integrate Trend Micro’s Deep Security with VMware NSX, the platform for network virtualization. This will produce a security framework for joint customers that increases protection and automates security deployments in virtualized data centers.

At these VMware events, Trend Micro will be discussing the latest advances in virtualized server and VDI security, along with sophisticated capabilities for detecting the latest in targeted attacks and web application vulnerabilities. Cyber security is a growing concern amongst enterprises and government agencies. Organizations need to recognize that virtualization and cloud computing represent new cyber threats to their mission-critical data centers. The increasingly porous network perimeter demands for a self-defending data center to mitigate these risks.

“With the rise of software defined data centers, Trend Micro is excited to work alongside VMware to create a comprehensive security backbone that protects the data center of the future,” said David Siah, Country Manager, Trend Micro Singapore. “Through the product integration of Trend Micro advanced network security capabilities with VMware’s next generation network virtualization platform, we can help simplify and automate how security is deployed, delivering reliable protection that easily scales to the needs of each customer.”

The Software Defined Data Center maximizes all resources necessary to host an application including storage, networking and security. As part of the Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center Security Solution, Deep Security integrates anti-malware, Web reputation and firewall in addition to intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection to protect mission-critical applications and data. The platform utilizes agentless and agent-based protection to automatically secure virtual servers and desktops, as well as private and public clouds.

Trend Micro Deep Security is the industry’s first agentless security platform built for VMware environments that yields more efficient resource utilization, higher VM densities and easier manageability over traditional anti-malware solutions. It is also the first and only security architecture designed for service providers and enterprises with software defined datacenters, with support for multi-tenancy, auto-scaling, utility computing and self-service.

Trend Micro will be participating in the following VMware vForum 2013 events:


29 October

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

28-30 October

Mumbai, India

30-31 October

Beijing, China

31 October

Jakarta, Indonesia

5 November

Seoul, Korea

5 November

Bangkok, Thailand

6 – 7 November

Tokyo, Japan

7 November

Taipei, Taiwan

15 November

Hong Kong