Trend Micro incorporates big data analytic capabilities in cloud-based security

Trend Micro Inc. has expanded its cloud-based security infrastructure introduced in 2008 that powers most of the company’s products and services. The latest iteration of the Smart Protection Network incorporates advanced big data analytic capabilities that enable Trend Micro to identify new security threats across a broader range of data sources, delivering global threat intelligence that stops threats even faster than before.
The Smart Protection Network now includes newly added technologies, including mobile app reputation (for mobile threats), vulnerability rules (for vulnerability and exploits), network inspection rules (for network communications), and in-the-cloud white-listing (for minimizing false positives). These combine with the Smart Protection Network’s existing reputation technologies Web reputation, Email reputation, and File reputation.
New, custom tools to correlate critical relationships among all the components of an attack, and model cybercriminal behavior and the environments they work in to quickly determine whether something is good or bad. This modeling allows Trend Micro to proactively identify new threats from the data streams using behavioral-based identification methods. By correlating global threat intelligence across many threat vectors, Trend Micro delivers protection against the wide variety of attacks today.    
The Smart Protection Network provides automated protection through its cloud infrastructure enabling Trend Micro to protect customers across physical, mobile, virtual, and cloud environments.
The next-generation Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is strategically integrated into all of Trend Micro products and services including mobile, endpoint, server, network, messaging, gateway, and SaaS offerings for consumers and businesses of all sizes.
For those organizations that have limited bandwidth or are concerned with privacy, Trend Micro offers the Smart Protection Server, ensuring communications and queries stay within the local network.
New Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Services are also now available to very large enterprises, government organizations and other partners. These services enable organizations to use actionable intelligence from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to build or enhance their security infrastructure for counteracting data breaches and other potential threats.
According to IDC, the amount of data needing protection will grow by a factor of 90 by 2020. To address these trends, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network enables organizations and individuals to take a more data centric approach to security. Unlike traditional, perimeter-centric security, which assumed protectable boundaries surround critical data, the Smart Protection Network protects data wherever it resides.