University of Santo Tomas pilots cloud program

The University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines has joined the NetSuiteAcademy Program to offer hands-on education in cloud technology. 

The program is designed to bring cloud-based business management solutions to university classrooms. It offers no-cost licensing, resources and training to help schools equip students with the next-generation cloud IT and business skills prized by today’s employers.

“Our students get to experience NetSuite’s  technology and gain relevant training and skills that increase their value in the job market after graduation,” Alex Santos, Department Director, UST Institute of Information and Computing Sciences.

The school’s Institute of Information and Computing Sciences incorporated NetSuite cloud ERP into the undergraduate degree curricula in the first semester of 2014 as an elective class, with the pilot class attracting over 70 third-year students pursuing BS Information Systems degrees. 

The program gives UST students and professors new flexibility for anywhere/anytime learning over the web, liberating them from the need to access on-premise software in classrooms and labs, and broadens education beyond campus boundaries. 

UST’s participation in SuiteAcademy aligns with a shift towards cloud computing in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as organizations deploy cloud solutions for greater cost-efficiencies, visibility and business performance.   To build on the success of the pilot class, the UST Institute of Information and Computing Sciences plans to deliver a NetSuite-based cloud computing curricula to approximately 200 students for the first semester of the school year 2015, to be led by faculty members trained in the use of NetSuite cloud ERP. 

UST anticipates the number of participating students and faculty will increase as the new program matures, and expects expansion across the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences’ core programs of computer science, information technology, and information systems. 

The Institute is also collaborating with other departments, including the UST College of Commerce and Business Administration, to weave SuiteAcademy-based curricula throughout other educational offerings.

Founded more than 400 years ago, UST is Asia’s oldest university and now has over 40,000 students.