Veritas Technologies announces significant update to backup solution

Veritas Technologies has announced Backup Exec 16, a significant update to its unified backup and recovery solution for mid-market organizations. Data in this market segment is expected to rise by 33 percent in the next three years, according to a recent survey.

Efficient use of available resources will be crucial to avoid business disruption. Backup Exec 16 helps businesses address critical data protection challenges, covering all critical data across cloud, virtual and physical systems – regardless of where it resides. Organizations can also leverage the most current and scalable Microsoft infrastructure with Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016.

With the new release, administrators will benefit from expanded cloud support as well as simplified licensing and purchasing models for easier consumption.

Backup Exec 16 streamlines the migration to cloud by offering a single, unified platform that protects critical data across cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures. Server and service configurations lend Backup Exec the flexibility to protect data in, from, and to the cloud.

Organizations can leverage the most current and scalable Microsoft infrastructure with Azure, Windows Server 2016, and Hyper-V Server 2016. Azure components can be protected to provide low-impact, one-pass backup and granular file, folder, and object recovery. Backup Exec flexible options support an organization’s chosen data protection policy, without dictating terms. Robust end-to-end encryption protocols help ensure data security and increase the business’ willingness to commit sensitive data to cost-effective public cloud services.

Backup Exec also allows users to protect their VMware virtual machines rapidly, with low impact to production performance, while ensuring that individual files can be restored quickly. This patented feature, called “Instant Granular Recovery Technology” (Instant GRT), allows organizations to meet applications and data recovery goals. Customers can immediately activate VMware virtual machines after recovery, significantly reducing the amount of time and effort needed to activate copies of protected servers for test, development, troubleshooting, and data recovery purposes.

This feature can figure prominently in an organization’s ability to recover quickly from a ransomware attack.

“Most organizations operate on a hybrid-cloud model, meaning they need access to data across both heterogeneous clouds and on-premises architectures,” said Andy Spencer, Backup Exec global product marketing at Veritas. “Veritas provides infrastructure-agnostic protection of all data—reducing the complexity and risk of using multiple solutions and providing greater visibility and control of information. Backup Exec 16 helps businesses address these critical retention challenges in a simple and straightforward manner, protecting the organization’s entire critical data set across cloud, virtual and physical.”

Explosion in virtual servers and systems is exacerbating storage demand in the same data center space. A global survey commissioned by Veritas revealed that, over the next three years, mid- market customers will store 39 percent of their data on virtual infrastructures, compared with physical (33 percent) and cloud (27 percent) infrastructures. To address the complexity of having data across multiple systems, many organizations implement system-specific backup tools. As a result, mid-market companies have an average of four data protection tools in their environments—each with their own licensing, maintenance, training, operational, and infrastructure costs. Backup Exec 16 offers a single pane of glass to help mid-market businesses save valuable resources and assets, critical to company growth.