Vertiv SmartAisle receives TIER IV-Ready Certification from Uptime Institute in Asia

Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has announced that its SmartAisle solution was granted a TIER IV-Ready Certification by the Uptime Institute in Asia, the first in the company’s portfolio of IT and edge infrastructure solutions in the region to achieve this distinction. A TIER IV-Ready certification is the highest certification, signifying maximum reliability and efficiency of the solution.

The TIER IV-Ready certification was awarded to a specific model of the SmartAisle only available in Asia and was evaluated based on a number of factors, including design specification, site-specific information, network topology, as well as mechanical and electrical components.

The Uptime Institute found that the Vertiv SmartAisle supports a Fault Tolerant design, with redundant capacity and modularity. This enables the data center to potentially function within the requirements of a total design for TIER IV certifications, according to the Uptime Institute.

“We are thrilled that Vertiv has achieved Uptime Institute’s TIER-Ready certification for their latest SmartAisle solution. Pre-fabricated and modular solutions that display the TIER-Ready logo are a customer’s assurance that the design they are considering has been certified by Uptime Institute for its ability to deliver resilience across a wide range of operating conditions,” said Christopher Brown, chief technology officer of Uptime Institute.

The latest SmartAisle series from Vertiv provides a simplified, rapid deployment data center design in a row-based system. Its fully integrated features include power, thermal management, infrastructure management and monitoring, as well as racks and containment, offering considerable savings for data center operators. The Vertiv SmartAisle solution is modular and scalable depending on capacity requirements, and is capable of supporting deployments for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and edge computing networks.

“We are proud to receive the TIER IV-Ready Certification from the Uptime Institute. This is a testament to our commitment and investment to continuously introduce new products and solutions that support the current and the future needs our customers ,” said Chee Hoe Ling, vice president of product, solutions and marketing at Vertiv in Asia. “The Vertiv SmartAisle is a best-in-class, fully-integrated, customizable, easy to deploy and intelligent solution that is ready to support the fast deployment of critical applications at the core and edge of the network. Trust that we will strive to continuously innovate with new technologies and solutions that support our customers in this fast-evolving market landscape.”