Virtualization, Big Data, and consolidation are top data centre drivers in APAC

The virtualization of critical applications, big data, and data centre consolidation will drive the next wave of data centre capacity growth in APAC, according to a commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

Digital Realty’s 2014 survey of data centre trends in APAC canvassed data centre decision makers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

The combined survey results for the four countries revealed that the top expected drivers of data centre capacity growth were virtualization (47 percent), big data (46 percent), and data centre consolidation (41 percent).

The next tier of drivers included business growth (39 percent), business continuity (34 percent) and storage growth (32 percent).

Key drivers of data centre growth differed by country:

• Hong Kong: data centre consolidation; and big data related technology investments

• Australia: big data related technology investments; virtualization; and data centre consolidation

• Singapore: big data related technology investments; and virtualization

• Japan: data centre consolidation; virtualization; and storage growth

“This survey helps us better understand the business priorities of our APAC clients, enabling us to become a valued partner and trusted advisor in the development of a data centre strategy that is uniquely suited to our clients’ needs,” said Kris Kumar, Digital Realty Senior Vice President and Regional Head for the Asia Pacific region. “IT transformation projects such as virtualization and big data are viewed as the main factors driving robust development across the data centre sector. We feel this demonstrates the maturing aspect of these organizations in relation to their data centre plans and budgets.”

Key Considerations: Safe Locations and Resiliency

When making decisions about new APAC data centre facility investments, the most important considerations for respondents were the data centre’s location and resiliency. Factors rated as “Important” or “Very Important” by respondents included the risk profile of the location (78 percent), the resiliency level and availability of the facility (77 percent), and the level of control over the facility (75 percent). APAC companies also prioritized the data centre’s network connectivity options and carrier availability and density, with 75 percent of respondents claiming this as a priority.

Strong Expansion Plans

Around 50 percent of respondents said their data centre budgets will grow between 5-10 percent in the next 12 months, with nearly 60 percent of respondents in Australia and Singapore expecting to increase their spending between 5-10 percent. An additional 11 percent are planning to increase their investment in data centre facilities by more than 10 percent over the next 12 months. When surveyed regarding their future plans for data centre capacity planning, respondents (60 percent) indicated they are planning some form of expansion within the next four years. Respondents consider outsourcing (40 percent) and colocation or other data centre leasing (31 percent) as the preferred sourcing models to address their expansion plans.